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In the before time, in the long, long ago…
The events leading up to the dawn of the Morphogenetic Age have their source firmly rooted in fear. The advent of the internet brought to people everywhere a constant, endless, stream of information. With it came a universal exposure to propaganda. For decades a steady drum beat of panic was instilled in the world. Fear of the earth dying, of overpopulation, of rival nations preparing for war, of governments inflicting tragedies on their own people, of science conjuring black holes that would end all life in the blink of an eye. At the climax of this panic the world’s population began massive riots and protests. Media called this culminations of fears given outlet “The Crisis” and even countries under the heaviest of iron rule were brought to their knees by this mass panic. The official term that historians would give to this world wide psychosis was GPA; Global Population Anxiety.

Project Morphogenetic
Desperate to alleviate the world panic that they had caused, and were afflicted with, the world governments pooled their resources and the Morphogenetic Project was born. Its purpose was to uplift mankind to new worlds, better worlds, ones unmarred by careless generations past. The centerpiece of the project was artificially created terraforming lifeforms called mutoids. These animals were designed to rapidly adapt to their environments and in turn adapt their environments to an earth-like state. The project started with herculean momentum. The teams were regarded as heroes saving the world from all its ailments. The funding and members grew exponentially along with the fame and praise. As the years continued this all eventually peaked, from there the public found new events to occupy their attentions and over time the project funding was cut along with its staff. As a result of this downsizing unfinished mutoids escaped into the wild and what happened next marks the beginning of the Morphogenetic Age.

The First Change
The mutoids spread across the entire planet, consuming all life it encountered. The creatures were designed to breed and adapt rapidly, settling into their new habitat within a single breeding cycle. Eventually all animal life was exterminated and replaced by their mutoid doppelgangers. The only animal unaffected by this was man; who had already killed or tamed any threat that had previously opposed it and not even the artificially enhanced speed and efficiency of the mutoids could unseat man from the top of the food chain.

A New Beginning
Within a few years the shock of the ecocide of the earth enviroment passed, eased on by the changes the mutoids had wrought. Man found any lasting damage he had inflicted upon the planet was soon repaired by the mutoids. As originally designed they terraformed the earth into an idyllic earth biosphere. Landfills were consumed and replaced with verdant fields. Chemical dumping grounds rendered into forests. Polluted rivers and lakes purified. Long extinct species of animal began to rise from the many shapes of the mutoid. At this time the finished Morphogenetic Project was released into the atmosphere; the green clouds. These floating colonies of green algae, bred to have a smiling face on them, took to the sky and performed exactly as designed; they provided a permanent and controlled immune system for the earth.

Life moved on for mankind, with the solving of several GPA causing problems and the drastic distraction they caused the world began to mellow out. Forgetting about the frenzy of panic that once gripped the populace, “The Crisis” had passed. For a time nothing world altering occurred on the planet except, noticed only by a few, the Mutoids had begun to change. The hard wired survival and adaption system written into their being had begun to notice things. Things such as how Mutoids that were taken in as pets and companions tended to survive longer, breed more and live an immensely higher standard of life. The changes in the Mutoid were subtle as they became lighter, slighter, softer, rounder and depending on species: larger or smaller. All the traits that were associated with a desirable pet began to come to the forefront in Mutoid breeding cycles. As a result the number of animals being adopted increased drastically.

Pet Fighting
This new breed of pet was an immediate hit among mankind. They were intelligent, could learn complex instructions and tricks at an advanced rate. Many grew to become hypoallergenic and opened the doors to a new demographic of people. The Mutoids were healthier, stronger, and more anticipatory then their replacements. A new cultural fixation began on pets: health care products, food supplements, courses on teaching impressive tricks, new life breathed into the movies and series centering around animals as main characters. Children seemed to form very close bonds with the Mutoids: one, that some Project scientists silently observed, bordered on empathic. The first few cases of children fighting their pets against one another was shocking, the barbarism and cruelty of animal fighting fueled a strong public backlash to these cases. The outrage was abruptly cut short as several experts in the veterinary field revealed a phenomena that they had been seeing across the world. The Mutoids were so resilient that many of the serious injuries they received, injuries that would mean permanent disability to the animals they replaced, were repaired in a manner of weeks. The wounds the animals inflicted on one another in these animal fighting cases were so relatively minor that they easily regenerated within the day of injury. Furthermore some veterinarians had recorded instances of the participating pets being in better health after these fights then before, providing a strong connection between casual fighting and better pet health.

The Mutamon Culture
It was not long before the first organized fighting tournaments began or “Mutamon Battles” as the children called them. The draw of bloodsport has always existed in the culture of mankind, from Roman gladiators to their modern descendant the hockey player, and this was the newest and most guilt free version available. This love of arena fighting was combined with the amount of family time that helping a child train a Mutamon represented as well as the responsibility it taught. A new celebrity emerged, the Mutamon Trainer. A collection of neighborhood communities across the world that sponsored the early tournaments eventually banded together into a company known as the International Mutamon League: I.M.L. A world semi volunteer organization that spread knowledge and lessons on how to properly care and raise fighting Mutoids to child trainers.

The Second Change
As Mutamon battles flourished a new change was occurring, unnoticed, among the tournament circuit. Mutoids were extraordinary animals but at their core were natural creatures bound by the same laws as the rest of the cosmos, this was the truth of the world before the impossible happened. That adaptive quality the Mutoids were designed for began to exhibit unprecedented changes. An unexplainable empathic link to the child owners of Mutoids was discovered, from this link the Mutamon were becoming more intuitive to their owner’s wants. This link is the explanation to how quickly a Mutoid would adapt its behavior and habits to be more like what the owner expects. For the Mutoids it was this connection to children, and the creativity contained within their minds, that acted as a catalyst for change. The imagination of children, ideas that their lizard could fly or breath fire if it trained enough, or that a dog could bark loud enough to level mountains, Were interpreted as viable adaptations that must be acquired at all costs for survival. How these changes occurred has never been explained but slowly stories started leaking in across the world of the impossible occurring: stories of teleportation, of fire breath, of telekinesis, of thunderstorm creation. Certain Mutamon underwent visible changes while fighting, growing from mere animal into a creature of fantastic attributes surging with visible elemental energy. The name for this great change was Mutamorphosis, the transformation from simple animal to an impossible state.

The Bad Old Days
Panic set into the world once again as parents were confronted with the fact that their children’s pets were becoming creatures of unnatural power, some of which having more destructive capabilities then that of tornadoes or missiles. The changed Mutamon, classified as “Second Tier”, were quickly outlawed as dangerous things that were to be destroyed on sight. The side effect of this came in the form of an exponential increase in child runaway cases. These “Lost Children” feared for the lives of their pets who, in many cases, felt they had a stronger connection to then their family. The impossible powers of their Mutamon gave these children the ability to survive on their own much more successfully then children who would have been alone. This prompted the formation of a new police initiative of officers trained and equipped with the latest in child psychology techniques and Mutoid fighting technology. This new world division, outfitted in existing police precincts, was called Mutoid Activities Division. The I.M.L. protested these new policies on second tier Mutoids and quickly lost all of its funding and legal status becoming a terrorist organization that aided and protected lost children and their Mutamon. For over ten years a war waged in the streets and alleys of major cities as M.A.D. officers hunted down and returned the missing children to their parents sans illegal pet. Above ground, in the political arena, influential I.M.L. members lobbied for the decriminalizing of second tier Mutoids claiming that the draconian policies being enforced would only lead to more runaways, hurt children and broken families.

The Break
After over a decade of what would one day be known as “The Bad Old Days” several particularly viscious Mutoid related incidents that resulted in sever destruction and death tolls forced the governments of the world to reexamine the second tier issue. This was supported by waves of parents who had not seen or heard from their children for ten years, many of which having left home at age eight on average and were now adults themselves. M.A.D. Was given orders to stand down for the time being as new legislation was drawn up. In a few short years the existence of second tier Mutoids was no longer criminal.

The Children Who Raised Themselves
With the Bad Old Days having passed a new dawn had arrived for mankind. An entire generation had returned from exile and with them came a culture very different from their parents. These adults had raised themselves, working together for survival, safety and companionship. In a world that was used to easy access to fast food restaurants, house repairs being a call away and clothes just bought off a shelve, a new renaissance of do-it-yourself mentality flooded the market. These young exiles who had to learn how to build homes in alleys and landfills, wire them safely with stolen electricity, steal or repair their clothes, treat each others injuries, forage for food and survive harsh seasonal changes emerged as seasoned experts in ingenuity and survival. Yet almost all of them lacked formal education or any immediately recognizable job skills. The I.M.L., having been made a legal organization once more, reached out to the lost children that they had spent the last decade protecting and helped them reintegrate into society. As a way to celebrate this new future the I.M.L. ran its first international tournament and the world was able to witness on a global scale the majesty and power of ten years worth of second tier Mutoid training. The Mutamon battle industry exploded and quickly became the largest grossing career one could strive towards.

The Good Old Days
Today schools teach children how to properly raise and care for their second tier Mutoids as a part of standard curriculum, the internet and television stations are full of resources and series on the glamor of the new celebrity, the Mutamon trainer. There are stories of old lost children that have settled down and had families deciding that when their children turn ten they’ll send them out with their pet to become lost like they once were: so that through their own Mutamon adventure they will learn the lessons necessary to becoming an adult. This new time period has been dubbed by old trainers and young children as The Good Old Days.


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