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This timeline represents the 40ish years of the Morphogenetic Age that we have played in: Starting at year 0 with the advent of the Bad Old Days when second tier mutoids were illegal and continuing into the Good Old Days where second tier mutoids and the ’mon fighting culture became legal and mainstream.

0 – First fringe second tier incidents trickle through tertiary media sources. populace widely ignorant.
1 – Major second tier incidents appear on live television during various IML matches. World wide state of emergency declared. Formation of M.A.D. and Zero Tolerance Desequencing policy instated. First generation of Lost Children cases occur. Beginning of Bad Old Days.
2 – M.A.D. unveils new technologies to better fight Mutoid threat. (Start of Series 4)
3 – First underground IML masters league begins.
13 – Official halt of zero tolerance second tier desequencing. legislation drafting to decriminalize second tier mutoids begins. Beginning of Good Old Days. (End of Series 4)
14 – Private company attempts to run worldwide mutoid tournament, ends in disaster.
15 – First I.M.L. Grand Masters Tournament, huge success.
20 – Second I.M.L. Grand Masters Tournament. (Start of Series 1)
21 – End of second I.M.L. Grand Masters Tournament. (End of Series 1)
25 – Third I.M.L. Grand Masters Tournament. (Start of Series 2)
26 – End of third I.M.L. Grand Masters Tournament. (End of Series 2)
30 – Fourth I.M.L. Grand Masters Tournament.
34 – (Start of Series 3)
35 – Fifth I.M.L. Grand Masters Tournament. (End of Series 3)
40 – Sixth I.M.L. Grand Masters Tournament.

Wiki currently undergoing major overhaul. Adding background, sidebars and updated information superior to the old info. when this note is gone then everything’s good to go.


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