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Schools in for Summer
School’s are methods of developing the abilities of a second tier mutoid, as well as forming specialized habits within the training regimen of a Mutamon Trainer. The path to victory is difficult in the arenas of the Mutamon circuit. Some trainers look for a new edge to keep themselves ahead of the curve, others seek to follow the trails of other great champions by using historically successful training techniques and some look to hone a specialized strategy into something that cannot be defended against. Whatever the reason many trainers seek out the knowledge and techniques of schools.

The Divide Between Partner and Weapon
Their are three classifications of schools: Hard, Standard and Soft. The hard styles focus on turning the mutoid into a tool or weapon. Trainers are often distant and cold with their mutamon, forcing them through physically exhausting training regimes to enhance their abilities. The mutamon loses much of its independence, becoming more like an extension of the trainers will. Standard styles are neutral and focus on battle tactics that enhance both trainer and mutamon, allowing both to work together as a unit. Soft styles enhances the empathic link, and the bond of friendship, between mutoid and trainer. It allows the two to find common, equal, ground that creates a tranquil harmony between them. Soft style mutoids are often independent, curious and abnormally intelligent.

The Esoteric and the Straightforward
Schools require adherence to a prestablished training regime and lifestyle for them to bear fruit. Many trainers simply do not have the patience or commitment to follow through to the end with training schools. Those that do, however, find they have tapped into the power of education and see that their mutoid begins to display impressive shows of power beyond there contemporaries who chose to forgo schooling. The training techniques vary based on style and school. Generally speaking: Hard style is physical, focusing on enhancing the body through resistance and dynamic exercise. Standard is mental with a mix of bonding and physical discipline, often both trainer and mutoid take part in the same exercises to promote synergy. Soft styles usually involve games, team building exercises and the trainer and mutoid spending as much time together as possible, over time the two share a deep bond that allows them to better understand each other.

Hard Style

  • Strength “Beast King” – Bench pressing the world, shrugging it off for greater challenges.
  • Speed “Falling Star” – Stripping away all unnecessary weight, approaching lightspeed.
  • Rage “Berserker” – Releasing all control restrictions, unleashing the monster.
  • Intensity “Power Surge” – Overclocking the elemental forces, unlocking the powers of fission.
  • Survival “Scrap Iron” – Pulping the bodies flesh, a stronger skin of iron growing underneath.

Soft Style

  • Luck “Fate Favored” – Taking a chance on each other, swaying probability to your victory.
  • Friendship “Unbreakable Bond” – Blurring the line between man and beast, a union of the souls.
  • Intelligence “Ambient Intelligence” – Breaching the limits of the animal mind, walking the path of sentience.
  • Mercy “Bonesaws” – Healing the sick and injured, delethalizing combat.


  • Discipline “Arts of Mars” – Honing hand to hand techniques, both mutamon and trainer.
  • Unconquered “Patient Game” – Creating an impenetrable mountain, letting the clock run down.
  • Plunder “Feast of Plenty” – Eating your opponents, gaining their power.


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