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Let’s Go on a Mutamon Adventure!

My History Report

By: Roger Smith [Mr. Grey’s grade 2 class]

Hello, my name is Roger Smith and i am eight years old. For my history presentation i chose to talk about where Mutamon came from because next year is 2070 and the twenty year anniversary since they showed up. For this presentation I brought my friend Clippers to help be a looking aid for my presentation.

Clippers is eight like me, my mom caught him in a fish net for me when I was born. When he was young he looked way different then he does now. I brought a picture of him when he was one.

Clippers Age 1

He wasn’t really that keen on playing and stayed in his aquarium most of the time but my dad tells me that he started to move around lots more when we played together. And now he looks like this.

Clippers Age 8

Clippers is a second tier Mutamon, and according to the I.M.L. certificate we got when I registered him his change was labeled “Gradual” which means he got powerful slowly instead of quickly. His Mutamon species is Insect which means he’s a bug and his element is Water which means he draws his cool powers from water. Clippers cool move is something i taught him and its really powerful. He snaps his claw really hard and fast and a air bubble flies out and it knocks out the enemy really hard. I even once got a kid from Ms. Keen’s grade 1 class to uncle because of it. Clippers and the rest of our pets didn’t show up on earth like humans did, in fact scientists made them.

The school librarian Mr. Brunstien showed me a big old history book and sat down with me and told me stories about before Mutamon were around. Back before any of us were born the planet was really sick because of pollution and people were going to have to leave because it wouldn’t be safe to live here. I asked Mr. Brunstien why someone didn’t just clean the earth and he told me that there was too much to be cleaned, and that’s why it was really bad. So the world got together and decided to go somewhere else and live on a new planet. I don’t think that would work because i once asked my mom why I couldn’t just move into a new room when mine was too messy and she told me that the mess would follow me, that’s why Clippers stands guard over my closet when I’m at school so the mess won’t follow me around and get in my way. Today i asked my dad to watch my closet when he was home so Clippers could come here for my presentation.

So the scientists that tried to move people to another planet said they couldn’t because no other planet was like earth except for earth. And they decided to make animals that ate garbage to fix Earth instead. It was called The Morphogenetic Project. I wouldn’t think that would really work because the mess they leave behind would be probably worse than garbage. But it did so the earth was saved. But what the scientists didn’t think of was that some of the Mutamon they made would escape and they did and then they replaced all of the old animals through what Mr. Brunstein called “Survival of the Fittest”. This was serious for adults because old animals never changed like Mutamon do, they just stayed the same boring old shape their whole lives.

After Mutamon replaced animals kids picked them up as pets and began mutamatching with them because that’s what Mutamon like to do. Then Mutamon went to second tier and they weren’t allowed in the house for a few years, they call that the Bad Old Days and I hear from my older brother Doug it was pretty tough, his friends used to be Lost Children but they came home when M.A.D. stopped being mean. Doug didn’t have to leave home because Mom and Dad didn’t want to get rid of his Mutamon Chuckles, he’s a really big and strong turtle.

And that’s the history of Mutamon. The End.

Project Morphogenetic

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